Conservation at the Urban Farm

35 PeanutsThe Tropical Rainforest attracts thousands of visitors each year, who enjoy our permanent exhibition of animals from every tropical region on earth. By combining fun and education, we aim to spread the message of conservation to a wider audience.

What visitors may not know is that many of our animals were rescued from the illegal pet trade, private collectors or zoos, where their specific needs could not be met. We provide a safe haven for rescued and endangered animals and work hard to maintain an ideal environment for each species. Our experienced staff can answer all your questions about the animals, their habits and environment. Animal Encounters form an important part of the experience and we like to ensure that every visitor meets an exotic animal - close up! All Animal Encounters are supervised to ensure your safety and minimise any stress to the animals.

36 TF---Elvis.jpgPeople are now becoming aware of the importance of the rainforest to our survival in the developed world. These forests breathe life into our world, shielding us from the worst effects of global warming. The forests provide the plant life that forms the basis of research into drugs to prevent or cure many serious illnesses. The rich diversity of life from the forest floor to the tallest canopy is dependent on our commitment to conservation now and in the future.

We value your support of our work in the UK and hope you will continue to enjoy learning about the our wild planet.

Our overseas project is based in South Africa. The Ishona Langa Wildlife Reserve in KwaZulu Natal is home to some beautiful creatures from butterflies to wildebeest. These vulnerable animals are losing their natural habitat and are prey to hunters, illegal poaching and trade. Check out the Ishona Langa website to see this stunning nature reserve and rescue centre. You may even decide to take a holiday in the region!

Ishona Langa is a non-profit undertaking that is sustained by the wedding and conference facilities that it offers. Income from the hiring of the venue is used to sustain the sanctuary.

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