Adoption and Sponsorship

Adoption Schemes & Corporate Sponsorship

41 Camera-Pictures-923.jpgIf you really want to get involved in saving endangered species from extinction adopting an animal from The Tropical Forest offers the ideal way to make a positive contribution.

Rescued animals need very specific care to meet their individual needs. A controlled environment kept at the right temperature and humidity; specialist veterinary treatment, appropriate diet and room to exercise and rest. Providing this level of care, 365 days a year is very expensive and time-consuming. Your contribution helps us to maintain our high standards of care to a very diverse range of endangered animals with different needs.

Adoption - The Gift that Keeps on Giving!
Anyone can adopt an animal: individuals, families, schools, clubs or companies. Adoptions run for twelve months and can be taken out at any time of the year - making an ideal birthday, Christmas, anniversary or even Valentine present! This really is the gift that keeps on giving!

34 Camera-Pictures-457.jpgBy adopting an animal and bearing some of these costs you are helping us to put more resources into conservation and giving sanctuary to other mistreated and homeless animals.

In addition to a free visit, you will get an adoption certificate, detailed fact sheet and a photograph of your adopted animal.

Prices vary, but you can share in the adoption scheme for as little as £25.00.

Sponsorship - Put Your Name to a Good Cause!
Corporate Sponsorship is an ideal way of showing how much you care and reaching out to the community. Your company name and logo on an animal enclosure will say more about your company's values than any amount of advertising. In addition you will know that your sponsorship money is working night and day to offset the costs of keeping rescued and endangered animals and contributing to the education of the next generation of conservationists.

You can put your name to a good cause for just £250.00
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Please Note:
1) The free entry is only available to the adoptee - either an adult or child entrance ticket.
In the event of group adoptions the free entry is restricted to 20% of the sponsored amount or 20% of the group visit, whichever is the less. This amount to be deducted from one group visit only.

2) It cannot be guaranteed that your adopted animal will be on the handling rota on your visit. Please telephone in advance to ensure your animal is available.

Ring today to find out more about our adoption schemes. Tel: 020 8847 4730

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